AWS Service Delivery Partner for Amazon CloudFormation

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Criado em: 12/12/2022 03:00

CloudDog has been executing projects using Amazon CloudFormation since 2012, managing projects with a large volume of users and simultaneous requests, with the necessary expertise to optimize the performance of your company's websites and applications.

In February 2022, CloudDog obtained the AWS Service Delivery Partner designation for Amazon CloudFormation due to its history of excellence in the solutions developed.

With AWS CloudFormation, the development process becomes much more efficient and reliable for creating and managing related resources, as well as organized and predictable updates.

The benefits of using AWS CloudFormation are numerous, such as infrastructure as code definition, easy automation and deployment, dependency control, architecture versioning, complete solution reuse, and solution composition.

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CloudDog Tecnologia e Serviços Ltda.

Imagem Escritório CLouddog
Imagem Escritório CLouddog

About CloudDog

Founded by IT and Marketing professionals with extensive experience in retail and corporate sectors, CloudDog aims to deliver products and services to its customers with excellence, providing consultative and professional services while prioritizing long-term relationships.

CloudDog was built on the premise that information technology for businesses is strategic for their success...

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