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AWS Cloud Payment via Boleto

CloudDog, in exclusive partnership with AWS and Ingram Micro, offers the possibility to pay your AWS Cloud consumption via bank slip, at no additional cost. In addition, you get a 5% discount on your invoice and up to 45 days to pay. Take this opportunity to simplify your financial processes and enjoy exclusive benefits. Request your payment by bank slip today.

*Available only in Brazilian territory.

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By choosing to pay your Amazon Web Services account with CloudDog, your company will enjoy various benefits, such as:

Bank Slip

Payment no longer needs to be made by credit card and can now be done via bank slip, simplifying financial processes.

Flexible Payment Terms

We offer options starting from 45 days for payment to meet your company's financial flow requirements.


Issuance of a service invoice facilitates the accounting of your company's cloud expenses, just like any other service contracted in Brazil.

Detailed Reports

Detailed consumption reports of all services used to discover

Free CloudCheckr


CloudCheckr is a solution for managing your Cloud infrastructure, helping your company gain greater control over security, governance, and cost management. Created to support more complex organizational structures, CloudCheckr identifies over 500 best practice alerts, helping your company improve the security, vulnerability, performance, and cost of your infrastructure based on AWS Well-Architected Framework best practices.

Check out other benefits of the tool:

Security Alerts

CloudCheckr integrates with AWS CloudTrail, assessing account behavior changes and generating alerts whenever suspicious activities are detected, including automatic mitigation in specific scenarios.

Total Compliance

CloudCheckr automatically verifies various security items and provides a checklist with key security and compliance models in the market, such as AICPA SOC2 and SOC3, HIPAA, NIST, PCI, COBIT, and more.

Cost Analysis

CloudCheckr has a detailed cost analysis dashboard, budget management, management of instance reservations for EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, Redshift, and DynamoDB, including reservation end notifications.


Automatic configuration of EC2 instance start and stop, automatic cleaning of unused Security Groups, automatic cleaning of old EBS snapshots, cleaning of unused EBS volumes, and many more.

Financial Flow Simulation

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have multiple accounts in my organization, is it possible to make payment by boleto?

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Yes, it is possible to make payments via boleto for various accounts in your organization. However, in this case, due to technical limitations of AWS, the ownership of the AWS Organization's owner account will be transferred to Ingram Micro, where the email of the root account will be changed to

Will the Billing by Boleto generate any additional cost for my company?

Seta do FAQ

No, your company will pay the same amount it would if it were by Credit Card.

Will the ownership of my account be transferred to another company?

Seta do FAQ

No, if your AWS account is individual, it will become part of the Ingram Micro AWS Organization, which will be responsible for payment on behalf of the AWS account.

Will there be any additional charges for using CloudCheckr?

Seta do FAQ

No, the service will be provided for free for an unlimited period.

Which company will issue the Invoice and Boleto?

Seta do FAQ

The Invoice and Boleto will be issued directly by our distributor, Ingram Micro, with the Legal Name: INGRAM MICRO BRASIL LTDA and CNPJ: 01.771.935/0002-15.

What will be the exchange rate for the conversion?

Seta do FAQ

The same exchange rate used by AWS for credit card billing will be applied.

What is the payment deadline for the consumption?

Seta do FAQ

Usually, the deadline is around 45 days, with 17 days between the AWS Invoice closing and the issuance of the Invoice and Payment Slip, and an additional 28 days until the due date of the payment slip.

AWS Partner and AWS Certified Partner

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In 2023, CloudDog accomplished a critical milestone by achieving competence in AWS Control Tower, reinforcing its solid commitment to Amazon Web Services. This journey began in 2019 when the company became an AWS Select Level Partner. Since then, CloudDog has remained committed to AWS, receiving fully support from the firm. CloudDog has received several certifications throughout the years, including becoming the second AWS partner in Brazil to earn Amazon CloudFront Accreditation in 2020. By 2022, the business has gained five additional AWS service specialties, further solidifying its deep knowledge of the AWS ecosystem.

CloudDog achieved the peak of its exceptional journey in 2023, when it became an AWS Advanced Partner, a tribute to its advanced technological expertise and an outstanding record of over 100 successful projects in the AWS Cloud. CloudDog is now fully ready to coordinate flawless migrations of clients' workloads to AWS, delivering exceptional, ongoing outcomes. This accomplishment highlights CloudDog's strong position as a reliable consulting partner inside AWS.

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