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Generative AI Proof of Concept with Amazon Bedrock

CloudDog drives and enhances business operations across various industries, standing out for its expertise in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Generative AI.

By submitting your request now, you can have your proof of concept developed at no cost through CloudDog and AWS incentive programs!

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Pre-selected Suggestions for Quick Choice:

Document Analysis Automation with Generative AI

Our solution for processing and interpreting various types of documents provides valuable insights for the business, easily integrating with currently used document management tools.

Advanced Audio and Video Analysis with Generative AI

Our solution for audio and video analysis redefines standards in call centers to offer detailed and personalized analysis of customer interactions, easily integrating with your preferred CRM.

Custom Model Training with Amazon Bedrock

Provides advanced customization of Machine Learning models to efficiently adapt to each client's specific use cases.

What are the Objectives of a PoC?

Validate the Applicability of Generative AI:

Demonstrate how Generative AI can be applied to generate content, predictions, or automate specific tasks within a defined business context.

Model Customization with Amazon Bedrock:​​

Utilize Amazon Bedrock to adjust Generative AI models, ensuring they adapt efficiently and effectively to the client's specific requirements and data.

Performance and Efficiency Evaluation:​​​

Measure the effectiveness of customized models in terms of accuracy, processing speed, and scalability.

How Can a PoC Benefit Your Company?

Innovation in Business Processes:

The application of Generative AI can lead to significant improvements in efficiency, cost reduction, and the generation of new business opportunities.

Customized Solutions:​​

The use of Amazon Bedrock to customize models ensures that solutions are highly tailored to the specific challenges and needs of the client.

Competitive Advantage:​​​

Companies adopting Generative AI in their processes can gain a significant competitive advantage, thanks to the innovation and optimization these technologies offer.

Steps for the Success of Your Proof of Concept:

1. Use Case Selection

Identify a specific business problem where Generative AI can offer a viable and innovative solution. This may include task automation, content generation, predictive analysis, among others.

2. Data Collection and Preparation

Compile and prepare datasets that will be used to train and test Generative AI models. This may involve data cleaning, normalization, and segmentation to ensure training quality.

3. Model Development with Amazon Bedrock

Utilize Amazon Bedrock to develop and customize Generative AI models. Bedrock provides a robust platform for ML model training with high computational efficiency, facilitating model experimentation and optimization.

4. Testing and Evaluation

Run a series of tests to assess the performance of customized models in terms of accuracy, relevance, and scalability. This includes applying cross-validation techniques and analyzing specific use case metrics.

5. Integration and Deployment

Integrate optimized Generative AI models into the client's business systems and processes. This may involve developing APIs, user interfaces, or integration with existing systems.

6. Feedback and Iteration

Collect feedback from users and stakeholders to understand the effectiveness of the solution. Based on this feedback, iterate on the model for continuous improvements.

AWS Partner and AWS Certified Partner

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In 2023, CloudDog accomplished a critical milestone by achieving competence in AWS Control Tower, reinforcing its solid commitment to Amazon Web Services. This journey began in 2019 when the company became an AWS Select Level Partner. Since then, CloudDog has remained committed to AWS, receiving fully support from the firm. CloudDog has received several certifications throughout the years, including becoming the second AWS partner in Brazil to earn Amazon CloudFront Accreditation in 2020. By 2022, the business has gained five additional AWS service specialties, further solidifying its deep knowledge of the AWS ecosystem.

CloudDog achieved the peak of its exceptional journey in 2023, when it became an AWS Advanced Partner, a tribute to its advanced technological expertise and an outstanding record of over 100 successful projects in the AWS Cloud. CloudDog is now fully ready to coordinate flawless migrations of clients' workloads to AWS, delivering exceptional, ongoing outcomes. This accomplishment highlights CloudDog's strong position as a reliable consulting partner inside AWS.

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