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Criado em: 13/12/2022 03:00

CloudDog Tecnologia e Serviços Ltda., headquartered in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo, Brazil, obtained the AWS Public Sector Partner Designation in May 2022 for its track record of excellence in developed solutions.

To become official members of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program, we had to demonstrate our ability to partner with public sector organizations.

The AWS Public Sector Partner Program recognizes partners with expertise in delivering solutions to government, education, and nonprofit customers.

As an authorized AWS public sector partner, CloudDog will provide Amazon Web Services Consultancy services to the public sector, ranging from education, healthcare, transportation, banking, and justice.

With the aim of reducing costs and increasing efficiency in the public sector, we offer scalability, infrastructure cost savings, and security while promoting innovation in civilian agencies, national defense and intelligence communities, and state and local governments.

Advantages of AWS Cloud Services for the public sector:

  • Solves Chronic Problems: AWS cloud services allow for technological renewal in infrastructure composition.
  • Service Delivery to Society: It contributes to the improvement of public sector service delivery to society, as efficient technological integration allows systems to operate at their maximum processing capacity, free from system sluggishness and outages.
  • Promotes Transparent Management: Cloud computing facilitates the implementation of Transparency Portals required by law.
  • Measurable Services: Cloud-based systems automatically monitor and optimize resource usage.
  • Elasticity: Resources are acquired quickly and elastically.

Regulated Consultancy

AWS infrastructure offers solutions specifically tailored for public management, as it complies with the regulations applied to the sector, allowing them to operate safely and legally.

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CloudDog Tecnologia e Serviços Ltda.

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Imagem Escritório CLouddog

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