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Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery service from Amazon Web Services (AWS). It allows you to distribute content such as media files (e.g., videos, audios, images), documents, or other static content through a high-availability, low-latency content delivery network (CDN).

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By using CloudFront, you can improve loading speed and content delivery to end-users regardless of their location. This is possible because CloudFront stores copies of your files in multiple data centers worldwide, allowing it to deliver content from the nearest data center to the end-user. Additionally, CloudFront offers several security features, including SSL/TLS encryption and origin authentication to ensure data privacy and integrity.

CloudFront is a popular choice for content distribution over the internet, especially for high-traffic applications and websites requiring high availability and low latency. It can be used independently or integrated with other AWS services, such as Amazon S3 (for storing files) and Amazon Route 53 (for DNS management).

Partner Amazon CloudFront

Expertise in Amazon CloudFront

Partner Amazon CloudFront

CloudDog is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Service Delivery Partner (SDP) that provides implementation, consulting, and support services for AWS products and services. SDPs specialize in different areas and can help companies make the most of AWS products and services, including Amazon CloudFront.

In March 2020, we obtained the AWS Service Delivery Partner Designation for Amazon CloudFront due to our history of excellence in developed solutions.

With this achievement, CloudDog became a part of an exclusive group of partners specialized in delivering Amazon CloudFront-related services worldwide.

Amazon CloudFront Use Cases

The list below contains some Amazon CloudFront use cases implemented by CloudDog and validated by Amazon Web Services:

Static Content Delivery Acceleration

One of the key factors to enhance the experience on a website is to serve all static content, such as JavaScript, stylesheets, fonts, images, and videos, with the lowest possible latency.

By using CloudFront, all your static content is served from the nearest EDGE, reducing network traffic to your servers and improving overall performance.

Aceleração de Entrega de Conteúdo Estático

In this scenario, it is possible to see that even when the latency between the end client and the server is 1000ms, static content can be served with average latencies of 50ms.

Dynamic Content Delivery Acceleration

With the increasingly widespread use of websites using HTTPS, the time required to establish a connection with servers has also increased (due to the HTTPS handshake protocol). Therefore, reducing latency between the end client and the server has become more necessary.

In the scenario below, it can be observed that without the use of CloudFront, each user ends up spending the same amount of time to establish communication with the server.

Cenário 1: Sem CloudFront, sobrecarga na conexão com servidor

After implementing Amazon CloudFront and configuring it for dynamic content acceleration, the first client will take the same time. However, subsequent clients will experience superior performance as the connection between CloudFront and the server is reused.

Cenário 2: Com CloudFront, otimizando conexões com servidor

Image Optimization Using AWS Lambda Edge

Often, websites and content management systems do not optimize images properly.

Otimização de Imagens Utilizando AWS Lambda Edge

By optimizing images using AWS Lambda Edge, all the complexity related to optimization is handled by the CDN itself. It identifies images that can be optimized, performs the optimization process, and stores the optimized image for future use.

It can even transform JPG files into standard WEBP files to further reduce loading time and network traffic. In some scenarios, we can optimize image size by more than 80%.

Cache Parameter Optimization

Frequently, e-commerce systems and websites do not configure cache parameters properly, and despite being relatively simple, the team maintaining it often lacks the authority to do so.

Otimização nos Parâmetros de Cache

After making these adjustments, on the first visit by the end customer, performance is close to the original. However, on a second visit, resources that would be loaded again are delivered from the browser's local cache, drastically reducing load time and network consumption.

Online Video Streaming

AWS provides a live streaming solution that combines AWS Elemental MediaLive and AWS Elemental MediaStore with Amazon CloudFront to create a highly resilient and scalable architecture that delivers your live content worldwide.

The following diagram presents the architecture of live streaming video that can be used as a reference for deployment and customization of solutions.

CloudFront como parte da solução de Streaming de Vídeo OnLine

Private Content Delivery

It is also possible to obtain the benefits of static content acceleration, dynamic content acceleration, online video streaming, and image optimization for private content.

The operation is quite simple and practical; just generate a signed cookie after your users log in and protect the CloudFront distribution. The cookie can last as long as necessary, and renewal can be done transparently within your application.

Entrega de conteúdo privado após obtenção do cookie assinado

With the cookie, all privately available content can be accessed without the need for additional configurations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pricing details for Amazon CloudFront?

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Amazon CloudFront charges for its services based on data transfer and the number of requests you make. Additionally, there are additional fees for certain features, such as data transfer in and out, cache storage, and video streaming.

What is Amazon CloudFront?

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Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows you to distribute content through a highly available and low-latency content delivery network (CDN).

How does Amazon CloudFront work?

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Amazon CloudFront stores copies of your files in multiple data centers around the world. When a user requests access to a file distributed by CloudFront, it is delivered from the data center nearest to the end user, ensuring fast and low-latency delivery.

What are the benefits of Amazon CloudFront?

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Amazon CloudFront offers a range of benefits, including:

Improved loading speed and content delivery to end users, regardless of their location.

Provides a highly available content delivery network (CDN).

Offers security features such as SSL/TLS encryption and origin authentication to protect the privacy and integrity of transmitted data.

Can be integrated with other AWS services, such as Amazon S3 and Amazon Route 53.

What types of content can I distribute with Amazon CloudFront?

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You can distribute any type of static content through Amazon CloudFront, including media files (e.g., videos, audio, images), documents, and other content. CloudFront also supports streaming of real-time video and audio.

Can I use Amazon CloudFront with my own domain?

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Yes, you can use Amazon CloudFront with your own domain. To do this, you simply need to create a CNAME (Canonical Name) record in your DNS provider that points to your CloudFront domain.

How can I monitor the performance of Amazon CloudFront?

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Amazon CloudFront provides a range of tools and resources for monitoring the performance and usage of the service, including usage reports and metrics, alerts and notifications, and integration with Amazon CloudWatch. You can use these tools to check the status of CloudFront, monitor data traffic, and identify issues or optimization opportunities.

Is Amazon CloudFront compatible with other AWS services?

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Yes, Amazon CloudFront is compatible with many other AWS services, including Amazon S3 (for storing files), Amazon Route 53 (for DNS management), and AWS Certificate Manager (for managing SSL/TLS certificates). You can integrate CloudFront with these services to create custom solutions and optimize the performance and security of your application.

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