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Wordpress Migration to AWS Cloud

CloudDog presents a high-performance WordPress hosting solution, leveraging the powerful services of AWS Cloud to enhance performance and security. Our architecture includes AWS WAF for robust web application firewall protection, ensuring your site is guarded against common web exploits. We use Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) to distribute incoming traffic across multiple targets, such as Amazon EC2 instances, for fault tolerance and high availability. Amazon EC2 provides scalable computing capacity, while Auto Scaling ensures you have the right number of EC2 instances available to handle your application's load. For database needs, we use Amazon Aurora, offering high-performance and reliable database solutions.

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  • AWS WAF for Advanced Security: Protects your site against online threats, reducing the risk of cyber attacks and ensuring reliability for users.
  • Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling: This combination ensures efficient traffic distribution and dynamic resource scaling, optimizing performance and ensuring high availability. This results in uninterrupted and reliable service, while maintaining operational efficiency and controlling costs.
  • Amazon Aurora for Database Scalability: Provides a high-performance database system, ensuring fast and reliable transactions, essential for customer loyalty, with auto-scaling for reads to enhance performance on high-demand sites.
  • Amazon CloudFront for Content Delivery Acceleration: Accelerates the delivery of static content, improving user experience and site efficiency, vital to maintaining competitiveness in the digital market.
  • Amazon FSx for Lustre for Shared Data: This storage solution offers high performance for websites requiring high availability and shared storage among multiple instances, starting with capacities of 1.2TB, exclusively available in the high availability version of the solution.

AWS Partner and AWS Certified Partner

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In 2023, CloudDog accomplished a critical milestone by achieving competence in AWS Control Tower, reinforcing its solid commitment to Amazon Web Services. This journey began in 2019 when the company became an AWS Select Level Partner. Since then, CloudDog has remained committed to AWS, receiving fully support from the firm. CloudDog has received several certifications throughout the years, including becoming the second AWS partner in Brazil to earn Amazon CloudFront Accreditation in 2020. By 2022, the business has gained five additional AWS service specialties, further solidifying its deep knowledge of the AWS ecosystem.

CloudDog achieved the peak of its exceptional journey in 2023, when it became an AWS Advanced Partner, a tribute to its advanced technological expertise and an outstanding record of over 100 successful projects in the AWS Cloud. CloudDog is now fully ready to coordinate flawless migrations of clients' workloads to AWS, delivering exceptional, ongoing outcomes. This accomplishment highlights CloudDog's strong position as a reliable consulting partner inside AWS.


For this solution, we provide 2 architectures, one already implemented with scalability features, and the other with cost optimization but without automatic scalability.

Single AZ Architecture without Auto Scaling:

Multi AZ Architecture with Auto Scaling, with shared storage starting from 1.2TB:

Use Cases

  • High-Traffic Websites: Perfect for news portals and influencer blogs with variable traffic.
  • E-commerce Platforms: Ideal for online stores that require high availability and fast loading times.
  • Sites with Heavy Media: Great for content-heavy sites that require robust storage solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Auto Scaling benefit my website?

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Auto Scaling dynamically adjusts the number of Amazon EC2 instances, ensuring efficient handling of traffic spikes without manual intervention.

What is the role of Amazon CloudFront in delivering static content on WordPress?

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Amazon CloudFront accelerates the delivery of static content, such as images and CSS/JS files, using its global network. This reduces loading times, enhances user experience, and decreases the load on the main server.

What security measures are in place with AWS WAF?

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AWS WAF provides robust protection against common web exploits, DDoS attacks, and other online threats, significantly improving your website's security.

Can the architecture handle large e-commerce platforms?

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Absolutely. Our solution is designed to support variable loads typical in large-scale e-commerce environments, ensuring consistent performance and stability.

Will there be downtime during the migration to AWS?

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Our migration process is carefully planned to minimize downtime, ensuring a smooth transition to AWS without disrupting your site's operation.

How does caching static assets on CloudFront benefit my site?

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Caching on CloudFront optimizes the delivery of static assets by storing them closer to end-users. This results in faster loading times, reduced bandwidth usage, and overall improved site performance.

What is the advantage of Amazon FSx for Lustre for my site?

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Amazon FSx for Lustre offers high-performance storage starting from 1.2TB, ideal for sites requiring shared storage among multiple instances and high availability. This solution is particularly useful for data-intensive sites, providing quick and efficient access to data essential for optimizing user experience and operational efficiency.

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