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AWS Cost Reduction

CloudDog helps your company reduce cloud infrastructure costs. Each type of cloud service may require a different cost optimization strategy, whether it's through reserved capacity, using elasticity correctly, consolidating your accounts to get volume discounts, or even buying capacity through auctions.

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Learn more about AWS cost reduction strategies that we can use.


ícone de capacidadeReserved Capacity

You can contract reserved capacity for various AWS services, such as EC, RDS, Red Shift, ElasticSearch, and ElasticCache.

There are several possibilities, such as upfront payment, partially upfront payment, and no upfront payment, with durations of 1 to 3 years, and they can be applied without the need for architectural changes to your application.

ícone de leilãoSpot Instances

Save even more by using Spot Instances. These instances are available through auctions and can be contracted at a lower cost than on-demand instances.

Since Spot Instances are integrated with other AWS services such as Auto Scaling, EMR, ECS, CloudFormation, Data Pipeline, and AWS Batch, you can choose how to provision and manage applications running on Spot Instances.

Spot Instances are advisable for quick tests, data analysis, and intermittent processes where interruptions won't impact end users.

ícone de descontosVolume Discounts

One way to reduce data transfer costs is through account consolidation and centralized billing to use a cost table that takes volume into account.

For example, if your company has more than one AWS account and you're using a service that offers volume discounts, such as Amazon CloudFront, if billing hasn't been centralized into a single payment account, your company may not be benefiting from volume discounts.

To benefit from this, all you need to do is configure centralized billing, and you can start using pricing based on the consumption tier.

We offer Amazon CloudFront management services; check out our case studies.

ícone de elasticidadeElasticity

In the past, we had to predict how our applications would be used and provision enough infrastructure to handle demand peaks, based on a specific number of users.

If any changes were needed in the application that altered its behavior, requiring more CPU, memory, or being less efficient than before, the provisioned infrastructure capacity might not be sufficient.

This could result in wasting resources during low utilization periods and not having enough infrastructure to handle demand during high utilization periods.

With the use of Amazon CloudWatch and Autoscaling, various metrics of your application can be monitored, and new servers can be added or removed instantly to avoid potential waste.

Calculate Your Costs

AWS provides a calculator to help you estimate your infrastructure costs and identify cost reduction opportunities by choosing Reserved Instances over On-Demand, allowing you to find a financial balance by composing the solution, for example, using Reserved Instances to meet constant production environment demand and On-Demand for development and test environments.

AWS Pricing Calculator

AWS offers a monthly calculator for its customers to make monthly estimates. Check out the AWS Pricing Calculator.

Spot Instances

With the AWS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator, you can project your savings compared to on-premises and colocation environments when migrating to the AWS Cloud. Check out the TCO Calculator on AWS.

We Offer 2 Free Hours Every Month During the First Year of the Contract

We provide free consultation during our first year of partnership, 2 hours per month, planning strategies and implementing solutions aligned with your business needs.

Optimizing costs through dynamic resource allocation and reserved capacity contracting, increasing your team's efficiency with continuous delivery processes and high availability to avoid server failures, and monitoring your environments.

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