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Backup on Premises Server to Cloud with Cloudberry and Amazon S3

For clients beginning their Cloud journey, the local server backup service offers a complete solution. For safe backup storage, CloudDog's team builds an AWS account with an Amazon S3 bucket. To create a comprehensive and dependable backup solution, key support services such as Amazon CloudWatch for storage metric monitoring, Amazon CloudTrail for AWS API usage logging, AWS Config for compliance management, and AWS Budgets for cost tracking are integrated.

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  • Regular automated backups with customizable frequency and retention.
  • Configuration of backup types: Full, Differential, and Incremental.
  • Configurable execution schedule.
  • Support for a wide variety of data types.
  • Payment in Brazilian Reais and Bank Slip (no need for a credit card).

AWS Partner and AWS Certified Partner

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In 2023, CloudDog accomplished a critical milestone by achieving competence in AWS Control Tower, reinforcing its solid commitment to Amazon Web Services. This journey began in 2019 when the company became an AWS Select Level Partner. Since then, CloudDog has remained committed to AWS, receiving fully support from the firm. CloudDog has received several certifications throughout the years, including becoming the second AWS partner in Brazil to earn Amazon CloudFront Accreditation in 2020. By 2022, the business has gained five additional AWS service specialties, further solidifying its deep knowledge of the AWS ecosystem.

CloudDog achieved the peak of its exceptional journey in 2023, when it became an AWS Advanced Partner, a tribute to its advanced technological expertise and an outstanding record of over 100 successful projects in the AWS Cloud. CloudDog is now fully ready to coordinate flawless migrations of clients' workloads to AWS, delivering exceptional, ongoing outcomes. This accomplishment highlights CloudDog's strong position as a reliable consulting partner inside AWS.


The architecture below is deployed by our team and configured to meet the specific needs of your company.

Use Cases

  • Disaster Recovery Scenarios
  • Malware Recovery
  • Data Archiving and Retention Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of data are supported by the backup solution?

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Our solution is designed to support a wide variety of data types, ensuring flexibility and comprehensiveness.

Does the CloudDog service support specific retention policies?

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Yes, we can customize retention policies to meet your specific data archiving and compliance needs.

Can I customize the backup execution schedule?

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Yes, the backup execution schedule is entirely configurable to fit your schedule and operational requirements.

How does CloudDog ensure the security of backups?

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We implement AWS's best security practices, including the use of Amazon S3 buckets for secure storage. Additionally, services like CloudWatch, CloudTrail, and AWS Config are integrated for monitoring, logging, and compliance management.

What is the recommended frequency for backups?

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The recommended frequency for backups depends on the specific needs of your business. We can provide guidance based on best practices, but the final choice is customizable according to your requirements.

How does the payment process for the backup service work?

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We accept payment in Brazilian Reais and offer the option of Bank Slip, providing convenience without the need for a credit card.

What types of backups are supported?

Seta do FAQ

We offer regular automated backups with customizable frequency and retention options. Additionally, we configure full, differential, and incremental backups to meet your specific needs.

How can I acquire my AWS CloudDog backup service?

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Simply fill out the registration form on our website and our team will contact you to initiate the setup process.

How does the CloudDog backup solution stand out in disaster recovery scenarios?

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Our solution offers a comprehensive approach to disaster recovery, combining regular backups, configurable backup types, and support for a variety of use cases, ensuring the resilience of your environment.

How does CloudDog address malware recovery?

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We implement advanced security practices, and in the event of malware infection, our backups allow for a quick recovery to a trusted previous state.

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