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Deep Audio and Video Analysis with Amazon Bedrock

Our audio and video analysis solution redefines the standard for call centers. We incorporate cutting-edge generative Artificial Intelligence, such as Amazon Bedrock, to provide a detailed and personalized analysis of customer interactions, observing the best practices in security management and data confidentiality. This service is a qualitative leap compared to conventional AI and Machine Learning methods, offering deeper and actionable insights that transform each contact into a strategic business opportunity. Ideal for companies seeking a better understanding of their customers and optimizing their experience, our solution promotes a richer understanding and more effective engagement in all forms of customer communication.

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  • Adherence to Security and Confidentiality Standards: Our solution aligns with the strictest standards of security and privacy, including data encryption, control over AI model personalization (your data will never be reused for retraining), identity policies for data management, and compliance with regulations such as ISO, SOC, CSA STAR Level 2, HIPAA, and GDPR. Learn more at Amazon Bedrock Security and Compliance
  • In-Depth Analysis: We use generative AI to provide a detailed and personalized analysis of conversations. This technology enables a deeper understanding of interactions, going beyond basic transcription and sentiment analysis.
  • Customization for Each Interaction Type: We understand that each customer interaction is unique. Therefore, our solution is highly customizable, allowing specific analyses for different types, such as outbound marketing campaigns or inbound issue resolution scenarios.
  • Generation of Detailed Metrics: We offer detailed metrics, including service scores, agreed-upon steps, customer objections, and how they were resolved. These metrics are essential for better understanding team performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Serverless Technology: Our solution is based on serverless technology, ensuring unprecedented scalability and significantly reducing operational burden. It automatically adapts to data volume, ensuring efficient performance regardless of demand fluctuations.
  • Asynchronous Processing: With the ability to process data asynchronously, our solution analyzes interactions in real-time. This means no valuable information is lost, and insights are generated instantly.
  • Easy Integration: Utilizing the Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) enables asynchronous and flexible integration with other systems, accelerating implementation time.

AWS Partner and AWS Certified Partner

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In 2023, CloudDog accomplished a critical milestone by achieving competence in AWS Control Tower, reinforcing its solid commitment to Amazon Web Services. This journey began in 2019 when the company became an AWS Select Level Partner. Since then, CloudDog has remained committed to AWS, receiving fully support from the firm. CloudDog has received several certifications throughout the years, including becoming the second AWS partner in Brazil to earn Amazon CloudFront Accreditation in 2020. By 2022, the business has gained five additional AWS service specialties, further solidifying its deep knowledge of the AWS ecosystem.

CloudDog achieved the peak of its exceptional journey in 2023, when it became an AWS Advanced Partner, a tribute to its advanced technological expertise and an outstanding record of over 100 successful projects in the AWS Cloud. CloudDog is now fully ready to coordinate flawless migrations of clients' workloads to AWS, delivering exceptional, ongoing outcomes. This accomplishment highlights CloudDog's strong position as a reliable consulting partner inside AWS.


The architecture below is deployed by our team and configured to meet the specific integration needs of your company:

Use Cases

  • Customer Service: For e-commerce companies, CloudDog's solution can analyze customer interactions, identifying common patterns in questions or complaints. This allows the company to adjust service strategies, improve product descriptions, and optimize return and exchange processes, resulting in a better shopping experience for the customer.
  • Enhancement of Technical Support: In technical support call centers, detailed conversation analysis can identify the most frequent issues and challenges faced by users. Based on these insights, it's possible to develop more effective support materials, better train support teams, and even inform product development teams about necessary improvements.
  • Feedback for Outbound Campaigns: For outbound campaigns, the solution can be used to analyze customer reactions and the effectiveness of marketing messages. Understanding emotional responses and customer objections, companies can refine their marketing messages and communication strategies to increase engagement and conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does CloudDog's Generative AI solution enhance conversation analysis in call centers?

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Our Generative AI provides a deeper and contextual analysis of conversations, capturing nuances and insights beyond mere transcription and basic sentiment detection. This enables a more comprehensive understanding of customer needs and behaviors, facilitating a more effective and personalized response.

How can CloudDog's Generative AI solution be tailored to different company sizes?

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As our solution utilizes serverless technology, it is designed to be highly scalable, efficiently catering to both small businesses and large corporations. It automatically adjusts to interaction volumes, ensuring consistent performance regardless of operational scale.

Is it possible to integrate the video and audio analysis solution into our current system?

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Our solution utilizes Amazon SNS as the integration mechanism, allowing seamless and adaptable communication with other systems in your company. This enables faster and more efficient data synchronization, enhancing near-real-time responsiveness.

In what ways can CloudDog's solution impact customer experience?

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By providing detailed analyses and personalized insights into customer interactions, our solution helps improve service quality, increase customer satisfaction, and identify opportunities for service enhancements. This results in a more positive and engaged customer experience.

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